Trekking in Malaysia

Follow overgrown jungle trails to hidden natural waterfalls, ramble into remote pockets of ancient rainforest, visit tucked-away tribal villages and camp under starry skies in a true tropical wilderness. Malaysia’s interior is lush, wild and wonderful to explore on foot.

Borneo customer walking on suspended walkway in jungle

Trek Through the Treetops

In Taman Negara, Malaysia’s most famous national park, you trek through the treetops on a walkway suspended 30 metres from the ground. It’s a brilliant way to get a bird’s eye view of the rainforest, giving you the chance to spot all kinds of wildlife between the branches. Coming down from the canopy, wander along shady jungle paths, keeping your eyes peeled for gibbons and spider monkeys along the way.

Couple in front of a waterfall, Malaysia

Romp Through the Rainforest

Endau Rompin is another great spot to get out the hiking boots. The trails are wilder and less manicured here, giving you the sense of really being lost in the jungle. Skip over small streams, try fishing in the river and take cooling dips in fresh, sparkling waterfalls.

Building a campfire in Endua Rompin

Camp Under a Canopy of Stars

The rainforest at Endau Rompin is wonderful for wild camping. After a day of trekking, swimming and visiting indigenous tribes, you can sit around a crackling campfire and gaze into star-studded skies. It is, without doubt, the best way to experience life in the jungle.

Get Really Remote

Finally, if you’re eager to leave the beaten track well and truly behind, take a trek in Belum Rainforest, tucked away in the far north east of Malaysia. It’s a remote, rarely visited spot with rougher trails and all kinds of tropical wildlife. You’ll see many things during a trek in Belum Rainforest, but what you won’t see is a bunch of other tourists.

canopy bridge in tangkahan

Canopy Walk and Jungle Boat

Duration4 days / 3 nights (flexible)

LocationKuala Lumpur - Taman Negara National Park

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A boat driving through a jungle river

Campfire in the Jungles of Endau Rompin

Duration3 days / 2 nights (flexible)

LocationKluang - Endau Rompin National Park - Orang Asli village - Kluang

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