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Jungle Book trips to unleash your inner Mowgli…


We’re not going to beat around the bush here, today the Jungle Book bursts into cinemas and we’re MORE than a tiny bit excited. The new remake of Disney’s 1967 classic tells the story of young Mowgli; a boy raised in the jungles of India by his animal chums whom include a pack of wolves, a panther and everyone’s favourite honey-drunk bear, Baloo. Crammed with jaw-dropping jungle scenery and a top notch cast (could there be a better voice for Baloo than Bill Murray?) the trailer has left us wanting more- not to mention an unhealthy desire to live in a tree. Set in the heart of India’s Maghya Pradesh National Park, the film showcases a spectacularly animated version of some of India’s most epic sights and wildlife; from chattering monkeys and bears to the iconic tiger. If that hasn’t whetted your appetite, here are some of our favourite jungle book-style trips in India to unleash your inner Mowgli.
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Bengal Tigers in Bandhavgarh

In the new film adaptation, Idris Elba voices the infamous antagonist, Shere Khan who’s mighty roar sees Mowlgi flee. India is famous for its majestic tigers, and boasting the highest density of tigers than anywhere else in India, Bandhavgarh National Park is a real haven for wildlife spotters (or should we say ‘stripers’?). During our trip, you’ll journey into the heart of the park where you’ll hop on a jeep safari, keeping your eyes peeled for those famous stripes before winding down in a comfortable African safari-style cottage.


Tigers and Turrets in Ranthambore

If you need an extra fix of teeth and stripes on your India adventure, you can also head to the tropical jungles of Ranthambore National Park; another top destination for spotting tigers in the wild. Set off at sunrise on a safari experience and keep an eye out at the glistening lakes where tigers are known to stalk around in the morning for a drink.

Pack your ‘trunks’ in Kerala

With lush canopies and meandering rivers aplenty, the new film shows off a kaleidoscope of jaw-dropping green scenery that will no doubt push India up to the top of most travellers’ bucket lists. And if a leafy green paradise sounds like your kind of thing, the southern state of Kerala is the place to go.

Pay a visit to the famous emerald backwaters, where you can sail past palm fringed shorelines, and watch out for another famous film character; The True Master of the Jungle, Hathi the elephant.

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Rhino spotting in Kaziranga National park

OK OK, so poor old Rocky the Rhino may not have made it into the final cut of new film but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t blow his ‘horn‘ anyway. Ahem. Despite being generally depicted by Disney as half-blind and a bit, well… dopey, Rhinos are actually really rather sharp don’t you know, and can be found in the northern regions of India and Nepal.

During our Rhinos and Tea Leaves trip in Assam, you can head out out on a safari in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kaziranga National Park scouring the floodplains for tigers, monkeys, sambar deer, and – of course – one horned Rocky himself.