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May half term holidays

Family on the beach

Just a week to get away but with some lovely weather in many of our most popular destinations, why not catch a flight for the May half term?


Travelling to Canada in May will allow you to avoid the crowds and still enjoy warm weather, especially around Vancouver and the West and Toronto (East). Get back to nature with hiking trails, canoeing and zip lining in the Rockies and try your hand at horse-riding whilst staying on a ranch – yeehaw!

Kayaking in Canada
Children in Vietnam


May time is a bit like the summer months in Vietnam – stick to the central areas as the weather will be best. There are plenty of activities to keep the kids busy and you can still incorporate some swimming at the beach. Vietnam is nice and easy to travel around and we will look after all the transfers for you so you and the family won’t have to worry about a thing when you’re there.


May is a top month to go to Borneo as the weather is great and the crowds are minimal, but you can still have a taste of the main wildlife highlights in a short period of time. Celebrate with the family and locals in the Sarawak rice festival, have a guide and boat to yourselves on the Kinabatangan River to spot all the mesmerising wildlife.

Boat trip in Borneo
Family in Cuba


May can be pleasantly quiet in Cuba as the weather is in between seasons but still mostly dry and sunny. This also means flights can be quite affordable so a really good choice if you want to take the family but find the prices a bit high in the other peak months.


We recommend Bali as a top spot for travelling in May, for skipping the crowds and cheaper flight prices too. It can be a long way to travel for a short period but if you are set up with colouring books and activities for the flight, once you are there it really is a breeze as we arrange all private transfers for you and most hotels have swimming pools or are near the beach.

Women posing in rice field
Girl on the beach


If you’re looking for some hot May weather with hardly any rain then the east coast of Malaysia is the best place to take the family. Choose to travel by bus, train or private transfer or you can even fly to most places to make the most of your time away. The beaches on the east coast can be so quiet that you may find you and the family will have it all to yourselves.


Wanting to take the family on an exciting adventure to see Machu Picchu? May is your month. The weather is in the dry season and it shouldn’t be too busy. You can join this up with a cultural experience in the town of Cusco or head in another direction and explore the famous Amazon for an ‘amaz-on’ experience for you and your clan.

Peruvian boat
Children on train


If you’re wanting a short beach break then we recommend heading down to Thailand’s eastern beaches for some fun in the sun and island hopping. The weather in the south-west will be quite hot and humid. If you are short of time then why not treat the family with a bit of beach?