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Family accommodation

During your family holiday, you’ll stay in a wide range of accommodation that reflects the character of your destination. The kids will be fascinated by all the different types of accommodation, from traditional thatched wooden bungalows, a converted rice barge and colonial-style lodges to modern, boutique resorts, a maharajahs palace and charmingly rustic guesthouses. We use a hand-picked selection of smaller hotels wherever we can, avoiding international chains, to give you and your family a more homely feel when it comes to where you stay. As hotels across the globe don’t always fit in with European star ratings, we’ve created our own categories so you know what you can expect from your trip.

In Style Accommodation – Category 4

Our ‘In Style’ options will give you and your family a little extra something during your stay. It could be more facilities (which always come in handy when travelling with the kids), some extra comfort or a completely unique view of your surroundings. If you’d like to treat yourselves go for this option and you might stay in a boutique eco-hotel, a comfy beach resort with a huge swimming pool or a lodge overlooking a volcano.

Standard Accommodation – Category 3

Small-scale hotels and resorts, local charm and a warm inviting atmosphere are all important in this category. The accommodation in this standard is perfect for families, and you can expect a mid-range bungalow or hotel/guesthouse, usually air-conditioned. Examples are a rural hotel with panoramic views of the mountains, a cosy B&B in a National Park or a relaxing retreat on an undiscovered beach. Most of our accommodation falls within this category.

Simple Accommodation – Category 2

Sometimes there aren’t as many options, or accommodation isn’t as important as where you are. Our simple accommodation category offers you and your family modest, yet reasonably comfortable accommodation options such as a floating raft house, a traditional Chinese junk boat or a riverside lodge in the heart of the jungle. What this category lacks in facilities it definitely makes up for in adventure. This will be the one the kids remember long after they’ve returned home.

Basic Accommodation – Category 1

In this category you really will be going back to basics! This includes sleeper trains, overnight boats and staying with local hill tribes in a guest room. These are for the more adventurous family but if you take the opportunity then you’ll be making some family memories to last a lifetime. The kids will love the experience of riding the tracks on a sleeper train or sleeping on a real-life boat.