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February half term holidays

Family on the beach

January is over and the skies are getting a little lighter, but we still want some warm sun! Go on, take a break in some of these adventurous destinations…


You will be pleased to know it’s a great time to go to Cuba weather-wise and with there being direct flights from London you can easily visit a few different places over the week if you want to get away. The children can ride bicycles through the tobacco regions of Viñales, or snorkel in tropical reefs – it will be a jam-packed treat for the week.

children sitting at table
Child smiling

Costa Rica

As February is in the peak of the dry season across most of Costa Rica, it’s a country worth zipping away to with the family if you’re in need of some winter sun. With self drive most popular with the families you can travel at your own pace, but still visit plenty of places in a short amount of time as you’ll have all the freedom.


With super cheap flights in February and most flights being just over 8 hours, India is one of our favourite places to go in February as the weather is not too hot. We recommend taking your family to India if your children have done a bit of travelling before, as it sure can be a culture shock! It’s a great time to explore the Taj Mahal, what a place to tick off the bucket list.

woman near Taj Mahal
safari Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Ready to have a week away with a private car and driver and not worry about a thing? Sri Lanka has good weather to boot and plenty of fun activities for your young ones. Travel to the southern beaches or stick to central Sri Lanka for less travelling and more activity-based experiences for all the family.


We find February is one of those underrated months in Thailand – the weather is perfect across the country, flights are cheap and the beaches are beautiful, what’s not to like? You can take your family straight down the south to snorkel and island hop across some of the country’s most stunning beaches. It’s an ideal place to soak up some vitamin D and recharge before the next half of the term.

Family on the beach
Family posing in front of lake


Tet is the name of the Chinese New Year in Vietnam which usually falls around the same time as half term. It’s a month of celebration and bringing families close together so what better time to travel with your family? The north can be a little colder but still enjoyable and you’ll find the beaches in the south lovely and warm.