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Colourful Cuban 'casa' houses

Mi Casa, Tu Casa | 15 reasons to stay in a Cuban casa particular


There’ s been a bit of a buzz around Cuba lately, with whispers about how the country may change once the U.S embargo is lifted, more and more travellers are bumping the island to the top of their bucket lists in the hope of experiencing ‘authentic Cuba.’ Our Travel Specialists have journeyed all over the island and they reckon that one of the best ways to experience the real heart of Cuba is by staying in family-run casa particulares. Here are 15 reasons why…
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Let us break it down for you…

1. It’s an authentic experience

You’ll be staying in a home of a Cuban, not a high-rise hotel, not someone’s summer home, their actual home. So expect an authentic glimpse into Cuban life during your stay!


2. You’ll get warm welcomes from the owners

Better than rocking up to a characterless hotel after a long flight, right?


3. …and great hospitality whilst you stay there

You’ll most probably eat dinner with the hosts and enjoy their company whilst doing so!

Cuba tourist family having dinner in a casa
Cuba Santa Clara casa particular exterior dining and garden area

4. You’ll stay in central locations whilst also benefiting from the small-scale charm

You could be staying in a brightly coloured cottage in Vinales, or an old colonial house in Trinidad filled with antique furniture.

5. It provides added income for locals as they are run in a similar way to a B&B

By staying here instead of in a hotel, you’ll put money directly into the pockets of the local people and catch a glimpse of how Cubans really live.

6. You’ll eat authentic homecooked food and experience the real taste of Cuba

Cuba isn’t known for its culinary delights, but the quality of the food in Casa Particulares is much better than in most hotels and restaurants. Your hosts will go to local markets to source the best ingredients for your yummy home-cooked meals. Delish!

7. …with dietary requirements catered for

Casa Particulares are your best bet when thinking about catering for individual needs. You can discuss your dietary requirements with the owners and they can try to cater their yummy homecooked food for you. Top Tip! Think about taking some of your own snacks – be it gluten-free, vegan etc – to Cuba with you as a backup option if you ever get stuck!

8. You can come and go as you please

You’ll get your own private room and a key so you can leave and return whenever you like

9. It’s a great option for solo travellers

You’ll stay with a warm and welcoming family who you can kick back and relax with!

Cuba local food
Cuba two people outside of local accommodation casa

10. It’s ideal if you’re on a budget

Ranging from Casa Tradicional to Casa Boutique, you can choose your own style of Casa accommodation based on your personal price preference.

11. Your hosts can wash your clothes for a small fee

No sweaty clothes for you!

12. You can practise your Spanish

¡Hola! Buenos días

13. Learn from the locals about real life in Cuba

Ever wondered what it’s like to live there? Well now’s your chance to find out…

14. Get top local tips from the hosts

What’s the best beach to visit? Where’s the best bar for that much-awaited Mojito? Ask away!

15. And last but not least… it’s a Meaningful Travel experience!

We sent our very own travel specialist, Ceri, to try out Casa Particular accommodation for herself. Here are her thoughts on the experience…

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