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Take in the Tobacco Hills

Bite-sized trip
  • Itinerary:
  • Duration:
    3 days / 2 nights (flexible)
  • Price:
    From £ 270.- per person (excluding flights)
Cigars have made Esteli a rich town; ironic considering its socialist roots. This unusual dichotomy makes it an interesting place to visit. Wander through the streets and in the same breath you'll happen upon an 1823 cathedral and a mural recently painted by a local community project. You'll visit the surrounding tobacco fields before learning about the whole process of tobacco making. You'll stay in a simple hotel in the centre of Esteli where the owners donate their profits to help those in need.

Day 1 – Arrival in Esteli

You won’t find many tourists in the town of Esteli, mostly just local people going about their daily lives. You’ll stay in a small-scale hotel in the centre of Esteli, within walking distance of plenty of local shops and restaurants. The hotel supports local children, especially those that are at high risk of dropping out of school. So far they have sent out 7,500 batches of school supplies to various schools across the town.

Days 2-3 – Cigar tour & departure

Today you’ll discover the entire cigar manufacturing process from the moment the seeds are planted to the minute the cigars hit the shop floor. It’s particularly interesting to see how the cigars are rolled; pay attention because next it’s your turn! You might find it a little tricky at first – the locals make it look so easy. The afternoon is free for you to explore this unique town.

The next day you’ll journey onwards to your next destination.


Esteli accommodation courtyard
Esteli accommodation bed
Esteli accommodation bathroom

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