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Top 5 Fun Things To Do In Airports


Perhaps your flight has been delayed, you’ve missed your check-in, or maybe you’ve got to endure a long airport stopover before you can even think about crawling into your cosy warm bed at home. Most of us have probably been there. Waiting around in airports can be a little like a hangover; painful to endure but a necessary cost of having a great time- in this case, travelling. But how (and where) can you kill airport time without draining precious iPhone battery? We’ve put our heads together and found some of the best airports around the world to get stuck in…
Decorative torn edge

Get Arty in Heathrow

For the culture buffs among us, listen closely. If gossip mags and games consoles just aren’t your thing, then why not check out the Expo Fine Art Gallery at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5? The gallery showcases an array of new British paintings and sculptures and is a fun & educational way to pass time.

airport sign
Hong Kong night

Fly a Plane in Hong Kong

Ever fancied flying a plane? And no, I’m not suggesting you hijack the cockpit as a means to end your boredom. No, I’m talking about Hong Kong Airport’s Aviation Discovery Centre. Here you can ‘play pilot’ as you soar through pixelated skies on your own flight simulator. It’s not the real thing, but it’s pretty darn close.

Get Back to Nature in Singapore

This is one of my favourites. Get this, at Singapore’s Changi Airport you can actually take a stroll in the midst of nature, surrounded by colourful butterflies in the world’s first airport Butterfly Garden. Very ‘Zen.’ Very awesome.

Singapore building

Feel like a Kid in Lyon

Just like Tom Hanks did in ‘Big,’ don’t you sometimes just wish you could be a kid again? Well at Lyon Airport you can do just that- kind of. A giant slide in this airport’s chill out area makes getting from floor to floor child’s play.

Pamper Yourself in Bangkok

Perhaps you can’t afford to fly business class but still want to delight in a little pampering before you board your long flight home after your Thailand holiday. In Bangkok Airport you can really put your feet up (quite literally) and enjoy a foot massage & spa. Bliss.