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Our top 5 gay-friendly destinations


Brighton Pride is less than 48 hours away, so whilst we get ready to party the weekend away check out our top 5 gay-friendly destinations across the globe…
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Brighton, England!

How could we not include Brighton?! This good-time town is not only home to us at Rickshaw Travel but also to one of the most vibrant gay scenes in the UK. Around 11-15% of Brighton’s population over 16 is estimated to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (according the Brighton and Hove 2014 Statistics), and if you’re looking to celebrate diversity with plenty of pizazz, then head to Brighton Pride, happening this very weekend! Brighton Pride is guaranteed to show you the flamboyant and friendly character that our city has become famous for.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

This sultry city mixes sophisticated bars and cafes with a good dose of urban grit. Our three day trip includes a guided tour around the city, where you’ll get an insider guide to the local parks, barrios and transport, leaving the evenings free for you to explore at your own leisure. Expect a warm welcome wherever you turn, especially around the neighbourhoods of Barrio Norte, Palermo Viejo and San Telmo, where there are plenty of gay-friendly hotels, restaurants and bars. If you are looking to treat yourself, upgrade to our special stay located in the Tango neighbourhood of San Telmo.

Bangkok, Thailand

Landing in Bangkok can be a shock to the senses. Noise, heat and bustle combine with smiles, delicious food and plenty of fun. With a strong Buddhist core, Thai culture is generally very relaxed about sexuality and gender roles making Thailand as a whole one of our top gay-friendly destinations. If you happen to be travelling in April, make sure to head to Phuket Pride, a festival that supports fundraising for various LGBT and HIV/AIDs charities in Thailand.

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Rio, Brazil

Shake your tail feathers and head to the home of Carnaval! Rio has recently been selected as the most popular gay destination in the world according to Out Traveler with a government that actively promotes and welcomes gay tourism. With fantastic beaches; year-round sun, plenty of culture and a vibrant nightlife we defy you not to have the time of your life in Rio.