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9 TV shows for travel enthusiasts


Have you ever watched a programme and thought to yourself “oh, I’d love to be there”? TV shows inspire us to open our minds to new experiences and, although books and radio play their part, there’s nothing quite like seeing things with your own eyes. These days, we’re spoilt for choice with ways to watch our favourite shows, from Netflix to Catch-up and Now TV to YouTube. So to give you a helpful dose of travel inspiration, we’ve rounded up 9 of our favourite programmes and series’ that’ll take you to another world and get you ready for your next adventure.
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1. Our Planet

This eight-part series is narrated by none other than Sir David Attenborough himself. The Netflix show is filmed over 50 countries, from exotic jungles to frozen worlds, hot deserts, and coastal seas. You’ll witness the planet’s amazing diversity and watch what these beautiful creatures get up to in their own habitat. As well as the series focusing on wildlife, this bold documentary also educates viewers on the impacts of climate change on all living creatures.

2. First Contact: Lost Tribe of the Amazon

Could you possibly imagine living completely separate to the world; isolated from society, in the middle of nowhere, with no-one other than your tribe? No? Well, that’s exactly how this tribe lives. Completely alone, somewhere deep in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, the tribe had never been in contact with the outside world before- let alone modern technology! In this intense channel 4 documentary, you’ll see Jose Carlos Meireles encounter this community for the first time.

3. Tales by Light

In this Netflix documentary, two photographers and filmmakers take you on an adventure to the most remote places in the world; capturing enduring images of people, places, creatures and cultures. Through their visual stories, they teach us important lessons about taking care of our world and its inhabitants. As the photographers themselves say: “Behind every impressive photo there is an impressive story.” Who knows, perhaps you’ll be inspired by their photography tips too!

4. First they killed my father

Cambodian writer and human rights activist Luong Ung tells the atrocities she experienced as a child in Cambodia. Alongside Angelina Jolie, she filmed this biographical historical thriller that will send shivers down your spine. When the Khmer Rouge took over power in Cambodia in 1975, they embarked on a four-year reign of terror and genocide, where nearly two million people died. Forced from her family’s home and trained as a child soldier, while her six brothers and sisters are sent to labour camps, this film follows Luong Ung’s story. It’s extremely intense but educational too, so be sure to give it a watch if you’re thinking of travelling to Cambodia.

5. Street Food

Not one to watch if you’re hungrily waiting for your dinner, this Netflix series embarks on a global cultural journey into street food across the world. It covers the inspirational stories of the people who make these famous dishes; exploring the rich culture of some of the world’s best cities. From tom yum soup in Bangkok, takoyaki in Osaka, noodles in Yogyakarta and chilli crab in Singapore, this series will have you wanting more.


6. Pedal the World

Now to burn off some of those street food calories! Pedal The World follows Felix Starck, a young man fuelled by wanderlust and adventure, who leaves his life at home behind as he grabs a bike and cycles across 22 countries, over 20,000 km in 365 days to challenge himself and discover the meaning of life. From Europe to Southeast Asia and onwards he documents the experience of his journey, showing a different side to these beautiful destinations.

7. Blue Planet

In the pitch-black abyss of the depths of the ocean lie alien-like creatures and other strange species just waiting to be discovered. David Attenborough follows different sea creatures, sharing their way of life and exploring what lies deeper. From blue whales to penguins, coral life and octopus’, get ready to dive into our ocean and its marine life with one of the greatest natural historians.

8. Gordon’s Great Escape

Love him or hate him, Gordon Ramsey knows his cuisine. On this foodie journey, he takes a trip of a lifetime, setting out on gastronomic adventures around Asia. With series 1 on Channel 4, he explores the delicacies and diversity of Indian food. Starting in the north, home to some of our curry house classics he continues his journey north-east, discovering some of India’s best-kept culinary secrets. In his second series, he ventures through Southeast Asia, from Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand, discovering the weird and wonderful classic dishes.

9. Great Canal Journeys: Asian Odyssey

Prunella Scales and Timothy West, two of Britain’s adored actors recently set off on an epic adventure, cruising canals and sailing bays of two vibrant destinations, Vietnam and Cambodia. The two-part TV series on Channel 4, follows the pair as they journey through both countries via boats for one last voyage. From the character packed Hanoi to the limestone rocks of Bai Tu Long Bay and the Mekong river to Angkor Watt, they explore the abundant canals and beautiful scenes in these areas.