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8.5 Questions | Meet Travel Blogger Johnny Ward


Meet travel blogger and serial adventure-seeker Johnny Ward, who has been on the road since ’06 exploring over eighty countries. After deciding the 9-5 grind wasn’t for him, Johnny booked a one-way ticket to Asia and never looked back. Due to the wonder of modern technology we managed to track Johnny down and grill him about his travelling tales, and most importantly his favourite beer in the world.
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Please introduce yourself…

I’m Johnny, originally from Ireland but after finishing high school I’ve never lived there since. 4 years university in England and I’ve been on the road the last 6 years or so. I’m fast approaching my 100th country, so it’s been quite a journey.

What is your most treasured item that you have bought/collected whilst travelling?

Without doubt my Macbook Pro, it’s like my baby! I use it to project manage my online business, and to keep in touch with all the people I’ve met around the world over the last few years. I use it literally almost every day.

What has been your favourite travel experience so far and why?

Hmm, that’s tough. Climbing Kilimanjaro was great, as was swimming with Great White Sharks. Hitching a ride on a Chinese cargo boat up the Mekong River for the best part of a week was pretty epic too. It’s tough to name one… aaaagh!

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… and your least favourite?

I got arrested twice in one day in Odessa, Ukraine. It was all a big scam, combined with booze – not a good mixture!

What are your top 3 must-pack items to travel with?

2 credit/debit cards from different companies so if one card gets broken/lost/cloned you’re not completely screwed. A trusty pair of (genuine) flip-flops that won’t snap as you pound the pavement from country to country and for me an iPhone with Google maps, it’s a godsend when you’re trying to find your hostel in the middle of the night!

Who would be your ideal travel companion?

Can I say some Scarlett Johansson/Mila Kunis cross? Or am I supposed to say something like Oscar Wilde!? 😛

If money was no object, where would you go next and why?

Antarctica for sure! It costs around $5k to go, so I might just pay it anyway!

What do you miss most from home while you are away?

I’m a permanent traveller so I don’t really have a ‘home’ anymore, although I guess I would call Thailand my home. I base myself there when I’m not on the road, so the grilled chicken from the street, and the weekends at the Thai Islands leave a pang in my heart when I’m away for a while.

What is your favourite beer from around the world?

After a few days at Oktoberfest recently I dunno if I can face beer anymore! But that’ll pass soon and I’ll be craving Beer Lao all over again, that and of course my native Guinness.

Tourist in North Korea