Have an elephant encounter in Chiang Mai

Although elephant trekking is popular throughout Thailand, the practice is often unethical and sometimes unkind. So instead we offer the chance to get to know the local elephants in a more authentic way through Save Elephant Foundation. Instead of a tourist ride on an elephant, choose an ethical elephant encounter in Chiang Mai where you’ll see the animals living as a herd at the Elephant Nature Park. Watch them splash in the river and learn all about the work of Save Elephant Foundation.

bat exodus in thailand

Watch bats swarm in the twilight

Take a safari across Khao Yai National Park and head to the eerie bat caves at sunset for a real showstopper. All of a sudden, you’ll see thousands of bats flood from the caves and flit into the dusk. At the same time, birds of prey swoop into the swarm, trying to grab themselves a snack. It’s an eye-opening experience. The next day, you’ll trek along elephant trails and set out on safari in a traditional songthaew, scouring the jungle for macaques, toucans, gibbons and sloths.

Swimming dolphin in thailand

Set off in search of pink dolphins

Stay on a sleepy mainland beach bursting with local atmosphere and take a longtail boat trip to spot pink dolphins off the coast. Khanom is a seaside resort with an authentic vibe, views over the outlying islands and a bunch of leaping pink dolphins living in its waters. First, you’ll stop off at the local market to buy some fish for the dolphins, before heading out into the bay to spot them. Be sure to keep your camera ready as they often jump alongside the boat.

khao sok floating raft in thailand

Sleep in untamed jungles

Explore the enchanting jungle with giant trees and lakes of Khao Sok National Park, scattered with sparkling lakes, limestone cliffs and waterfalls. You’ll sleep in a floating raft house in the heart of the wilderness and follow overgrown trails to spot monkeys, birds and insects. The park is home to a handful of exotic species, including gibbons, clouded leopards, tapirs and elephants, so keep your eyes peeled. You’ll spend the second night in a jungle lodge, where you can fall asleep to sounds of nature under starry skies.

elephants in thailand elephant nature park

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Elephant Encounters in Chiang Mai

Duration:3 days / 2 nights
Location:Chiang Mai - Elephant Park - Chiang Mai
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People walking through tall grass

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Khao Yai National Park: Waterfalls and Jungle Trails

Duration:3 days / 2 nights
Location:Khao Yai National Park
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Calm beach

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Relaxing on Dolphin Beach

Duration:3 days / 2 nights
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Giant Trees and Lakes of Khao Sok

Duration:4 days / 3 nights
Location:Surat Thani - Anurak Community Lodge Khao Sok National Park - Lake Racha Praba floating raft houses
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Ethical Elephant Experiences | Our Journey

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