Best time to visit Indonesia

Indonesia is a vast tropical country so it’s important to take into account the differing seasons when planning your trip. We’ve split our trips by island to give you a better idea of when to travel to each area and what to expect when you get there.

Best time to visit Indonesia
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Visas, Passports and Money Matters

When travelling to Indonesia it’s essential to get all the information regarding money, passports and visas before you head off on your adventure. We’ve put together some essential information to give you a helping hand.

Visa and Passport Information
person holding british passports

Getting Around Indonesia

At Rickshaw Travel you can organise your whole trip; from your international flight to local transfers by boat, car or train to make your adventure to Indonesia run smoothly. To give you an idea of the type of transport you will be taking and what you can expect from travelling around Indonesia we have put together some information on getting around.

Getting around Indonesia
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Book flights with Rickshaw
At Rickshaw not only do we prearrange every aspect of your holiday itinerary we also book international flights and any domestic flights for your trip.
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Accommodation in Indonesia
Spend the night with a local family in Flores, in an eco-lodge on a tiny island or a hotel in the middle of a Balinese water palace.
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