Your day-by-day itinerary

Culture and Cuisine of Kuching

Days 1-3

Culture and Cuisine of Kuching

Upon your arrival at Kuching airport, you’ll be taken to your hotel which is just a short walk away from the city’s popular riverfront. Cycle past temples and monuments in the morning and after lunch, cruise down the mighty Sarawak River. Kuching is a fascinating city with a great many historic buildings and colonial influences.

chloe and family with local Iban chief

Days 3-5

At Home with the Iban Headhunters

During the next few days you’ll stay with a local Iban tribe in the deepest jungles of Borneo. As soon as you arrive at the traditional longhouse you’ll experience first-hand what life is like in the tribe. You can help them look for food, prepare a meal and learn about their traditions and ceremonies. You’ll spend the next two nights in the longhouse, with a mattress on the floor and a mosquito net.

Local on a boat


On your second day you and your guide explore the area surrounding the longhouse where wild Orang-utans are occasionally spotted. Depending on the water levels, some of your day may be spent travelling by longtail boat. After a couple of hours of moderate trekking your guide will cook you a tasty lunch at a small jungle camp in bamboo! On the third day of this trip you’ll say your goodbyes and travel to Kuching by longboat and bus.

Mangroves, Monkeys and Fireflies

Days 5-8

Mangroves, Monkeys and Fireflies

An exhilarating mix of adventure and wildlife, and to top it off you’ll be staying in a treehouse on the coast of the Damai Peninsular. This trip will take you to see Borneo’s most famous resident, the Orangutan, at the Semenggoh Nature Reserve. Next up, you’ll take a wildlife cruise on the Santubong where you’ll try and spot swinging apes, beady crocodile eyes, and glowing fireflies. If you’re lucky you might also see an Irrawaddy dolphin!

Proboscis Monkeys in Bako National Park

Days 8-9

Proboscis Monkeys in Bako National Park

Today you’ll have your introduction to the jungles of Borneo. You’ll see winding rivers running through twisted rock formations, treetops that seem to shoot up into the heavens and curious monkeys jumping from branch to branch. Your guide will collect you from your hotel in Kuching and take you on the 30 minute trip to the town of Kampung Bako. Here you’ll board a boat to Bako National Park.

After you’ve checked into your accommodation you’ll find a tasty lunch waiting for you. A guide will escort you through the jungle over the next couple of days to help you find Bako’s hidden gems: from venus flytraps and mangrove forests and the unmistakeable proboscis monkeys. As you will be travelling back to the same hotel after your jungle stay, you can leave your main luggage in safe storage at the hotel, and just take with you the essentials for this overnight stay.

Kayaks and Beaches of Damai

Days 9-11

Kayaks and Beaches of Damai

Over the next few days, you can relax and take it easy with a stay on the golden beaches of the Damai Peninsular, just North of Sarawak’s capital Kuching. You can swim in the South China sea, relax with a book by the pool and simply take it easy. During your stay, we’ve included a very easy downstream kayak with a guide on the river. You’ll be surrounded by views of limestone rock formations and lush green rainforest. Visit a Bidayuh tribe on the way back and have a refreshing swim in the river.

Woman riding a boat through jungle

Days 11-13

Explore Gunung Mulu Caves

You’ll travel further into the jungle past the winding rivers and hidden caves of Mulu National Park. The sights, and sounds of the jungle will get you in the mood for your rainforest adventure. Our professional guide will take you into the world’s largest limestone caves filled with oddly shaped stalactites and rock formations. As the sun goes down you’ll see hundreds of bats flying out of the cave and into the jungle in search of food.

Kota Kinabalu & Mount Kinabalu

Days 13-16

Kota Kinabalu & Mount Kinabalu

You’ll then spend a night in Kota Kinabalu and the next day, you’ll be collected from your hotel and taken into the tropical rainforest by your guide. You’ll feel as if you’re King or Queen of the forest as you walk through the treetops across the spectacular canopy walk. During our trip, we took a dip into clear spring water and felt completely revitalised afterwards. Tonight you’ll stay in a basic national park cottage surrounded by the jungle.

On the second day of this trip, you’ll hike up Mount Kinabalu until you reach an altitude of approximately 1500m for the most spectacular view. Along the way, you’ll also see some very unusual bird species. After the descent, you’ll be transferred back to Kota Kinabalu where you’ll spend another night.

Borneo customers trekking in jungle

Days 16-18

Tabin Wildlife Reserve Expedition

You’ll say goodbye to civilization as you travel deeper into the wilderness, along uneven, gravelly jungle roads. During your trip your guide will take you through the jungle on safaris by jeep to spot many different species of animal from monkeys to tropical birds. Your guide will also take you to a mud volcano, where the animals come to get their daily dose of minerals. Your accommodation in the jungle is a bungalow, with hot water and air-con.


Borneo baby orangutan in tree

Days 18-21

Orangutans and a Jungle Boat Cruise

Borneo is the land of orang-utans. The very best place to see them and learn all about them is at the Sepilok Orang-utan Sanctuary. This morning a guide will take you to Sepilok and answer any questions you may have about the park’s furry inhabitants. At feeding time you’ll find yourself at a safe distance, yet incredibly close to the endearing primates. After your visit to Sepilok you’ll climb into a boat and you’ll travel deeper into the jungle.

During our trip we saw monkeys playing on the riverbanks and crocodiles creeping about. If you’re very lucky you might even see wild elephants by the river for a drink of water. On the second day you’ll explore the area a little further to see more of the local wildlife. Your guide is an expert at finding animal’s hiding places and will help point out any scurrying creatures. You’ll spend the night at a cosy wooden lodge right next to the Kinabatangan River. After breakfast on your final day you will take an early morning transfer from the jungle back to Sandakan to arrive around lunchtime/early afternoon.

View across a white sandy beach with trees hanging over the water's edge in Borneo

Days 21-24

Castaway Beach on Lankayan Island

Today you’ll be transferred to the jetty for your boat transfer to Lankayan Island. This peaceful, unpopulated island is the perfect place to rest after travelling. You can spend your days relaxing on the white sandy beaches or swimming in the crystal clear sea.

Borneo bungalow in jungle

You will be staying in a seafront bungalow, situated right on the beach. All your meals are included and are served at the restaurant, which boasts an amazingly beautiful open-air wooden terrace. After your dinner, you can sit on the terrace and watch the sun setting over the sea. On your last day on the island you will leave at 7am and head back to Sandakan where you will continue on your travels.

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