Bright lights of Tokyo's skyline and busy streets

Days 1-4

Let's Go Tokyo!

One of the world’s truly great cities, Tokyo is a thrilling mix of the past and future, complete with incredible cuisine, neon-lit nightlife and unique pop-culture. After being picked up from the airport and transferred to your hotel near the heart of the city, you’ll have plenty of time to visit the contrasting areas which make up this metropolis, and will take a tour of the futuristic Shinjuku district.

Bright neon lights and signs in the streets of Osaka

Days 4-6

Dazzling Lights of Osaka

Osaka is a hard-working, down-to-earth neon metropolis, rich in Samurai history.  During this trip, you’ll have time to explore some of the city’s ancient temples and beautiful gardens, as well as taking in the giant skyscrapers which form Osaka’s modern landscape. Amongst the bustling markets and arcades, you’ll also find some of Japan’s most unique culinary gems, and have plenty of time for Kuidaore, or “eat until you drop”!

Landscape of a Japanese temple with a big iluminated tree

Days 6-9

Uncover the Heart of Kyoto

When you think of Japan, you might imagine ancient temples, perfectly manicured zen gardens and time honoured tea ceremonies. Well, that’s Kyoto in a nutshell! During this trip you’ll spend 2 nights in this pretty city and hop aboard a bike to discover the city’s hidden backstreets. You can expect to whizz past willow lined rivers, along narrow streets and alongside traditional merchant houses.

Locals shopping in tokyo

Days 9-10

Night in Tokyo

As your Japanese adventure comes to an end you will spend one more night in this bustling city, take a final walk past the towering skyscrapers and tuck into some tasty sushi.

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