Discover the best time to visit Malaysia

From jungle canopies to coral reefs, there are so many places to discover in Malaysia, so it’s important to know the best time of year visit Malaysia to get the most out of your trip.

Perched just above the equator, Malaysia boasts a tropical climate with hot and humid weather pretty much all year round. However, the climate can differ from coast to coast, meaning that some places are best visited at certain times of the year. Take a look at our summary below to get a better idea of where to go when…

Malaysia's climate by region

  • Weather
  • Temperature (celsius)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
InlandShowersShowersSunSunSunSunSunSunSunSunny IntervalsShowersShowers
WestSunny IntervalsSunny IntervalsSunSunSunSunSunSunSunSunSunny IntervalsSunny Intervals
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Inland Malaysia - when to go

If you’re after a taste of culture and nature during your Malaysia trip, then there are plenty of spots inland just waiting to be explored, from tea plantations to kampung villages. You can visit Malaysia’s mainland at any time of the year but to dodge higher prices, it’s best to avoid Chinese New Year and the peak months of July and August.

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Person snorkelling with turtles in Malaysia

East Coast Malaysia - when to go

The East coast of Malaysia is home to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches and fantastic diving spots. If you want to add a bit of tropical relaxation into your itinerary, then the best time to visit this side of Malaysia is between March and October. During the rest of the year, heavy monsoon rains and thunder storms pass across the East Coast, meaning that many of the island resorts must close and most boats stay in port and will not sail to the island due to rough seas.

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Sunset over the beach in Pulau Pangkor in Malaysia

West Coast Malaysia - when to go

This part of Malaysia can be easily visited any time of year. There isn’t a specific rain season in the west, however you can expect wet weather from May to November. Rainfall during these months isn’t as heavy as it can be in the east and therefore shouldn’t stop you from travelling.

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  • Brightly lit twin towers in Malaysia at night
  • canopy bridge in tangkahan
  • Damai tropical beach near Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia
  • a man in tea fields with a basked
  • malacca transport
  • Brightly lit twin towers in Malaysia at night
View of Malaysian Islands on the East CoastExplore Malaysia’s Beaches
Snooze in the shade of a coconut palm, swing in a hammock or snorkel with sea turtles. Malaysia’s castaway beaches and tiny islands are just dreamy.
Beaches in Malaysia

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