Getting Around Malaysia

Travelling through Malaysia is fairly simple and with a great infrastructure network set up you can look forward to a hassle free trip. We have put together all the necessary transport information to help you plan your Malaysia adventure and explore this diverse country.

Malaysia boat on beach


The only way to travel to the small tropical islands off the coast is by boat. These are usually smaller sized boats that can take you to the smaller islands quickly. Most boat rides take approximately 30-45 minutes. If you travel to the Taman Negara, you’ll sail on a genuine wooden jungle boat for about 2hrs.


Bus transport on the west coast is very well arranged. Buses here are quite comfortable with air conditioning. We can make arrangements for you to travel by bus prior to you travelling, making it a simple process. From Kuala Lumpur, buses depart to Malacca, Singapore, Taman Negara, the Cameron Highlands and Penang. Buses also ride daily between the island of Pangkor and Penang. This is an economical, local and efficient way to get around Malaysia.

Malaysia train


Malaysia has a limited railway network from south to north. It’s not the quickest means of transport, since the train will stop at most train stations along the way, but we feel it is well worth including during your trip as the train is an enjoyable means of transport and a great way to meet some locals. You can travel by train on the route from Singapore to Malacca (Tampin) or Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia Airlines plane

Domestic Flights

If you are short on time or would prefer to cover longer distances quickly then domestic flights are the best option. For some routes flying is the preferred option, for example between Penang and the east coast. Air Asia is the most commonly used airline. Keep in mind that you can bring along no more than 15kg per person on domestic flights. You’ll be charged extra for each additional kilogramme.

Malaysia smiling customer riding behind man on moped

Travelling with Meaning

We always encourage people to travel by local transport in the towns and cities, overall this makes your trip a more authentic experience. It also gives you the chance to interact with the local people explore at your own pace. Of course by far the most sustainable way to travel in each place is on foot as you’ll see so much more and can soak up the local atmosphere. For part of your trip some transfers are not included, the only possible way may be to take a Tuk-Tuk, moped or taxi. Book them through the hotel or head out on to the street and haggle haggle haggle.


Malaysia trishaw

Travelling through Malaysia we recommend shared buses as much as possible, where you can take in sights and scenery along the way. The train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is a good alternative option, not only is it easy on the wallet, but a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Hiring bicycles in the smaller cities is the best way to get around, you can visit anywhere that you please, and you never know what experiences you may run into! Hire Trishaws in Penang – they’re very environmentally friendly as they are pushed by bicycle, and you will also be supporting the local community.

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