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Researching currency and visas may not be the most exciting part of planning your Chile trip, so thankfully our Chile specialists have rounded up all the information you need to get the most out of your travels.

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Best time to visit Chile

Chile is an incredible country when it comes to climate diversity. One minute you can be in the driest desert in the world, the next, searching for penguins under the almost ever-present rain clouds. This can make it especially tricky to know when to go. We’ve done all the research and put together a handy chart to help you.

Best time to visit Chile
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Visa, Passport & Money Matters

Arranging visas might not be the most exciting part of your Chile trip preparation, but it’s important nonetheless. We’ve taken some of the headache out of the process by compiling all the information you’re likely to need together in one place. So, look no further for everything you could possibly want to know about Chilean visas!

Visa and Passport Information
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Getting Around Chile

Being long and narrow, Chile covers some vast distances so there’s likely to be a fair amount of travelling during your trip. From local buses to self-drive, we’ve found a variety of options for getting you around Chile so you don’t have to rely completely on domestic flights.

Getting Around Chile
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Thinking of hiring a car?

Travelling in your own hire car provides the perfect opportunity to explore Chile’s beautiful sights at your own pace, stopping whenever you want along the way. Check out our car hire options for more information.

Chile Self Drive Information
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At Rickshaw not only do we prearrange every aspect of your holiday itinerary we also book international flights and any domestic flights for your trip.
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Travel specialist Ceri standing in vineyardsDiscover Enchanting Chile
You might already know that Chile is a fantastic trekking destination, but do you it’s also possible to spot wildlife or rent your own car?
Chile Inspiration

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