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Have a read of our travel advice ahead of your trip to Canada. Here we’ve put together some of the key essentials, such as when to travel, what visa requirements there are, money matters and health needs, so you’re all set for your Canadian Adventure!

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Visas and Passport Requirements in Canada

Before you leave for your Canadian adventure, you will need to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). We’ve put together some information to help you through the process.

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Our Accommodation in Canada

When you travel with us to Canada you’ll experience lots of different types of accommodation along the way, each with their own charm. We try to opt for small-scale accommodation with plenty of local character wherever we can. From central city hotels, to lakeside lodges and everything in between.

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Car Hire Information in Canada

There really is nothing quite like exploring Canada on the open road and at your own pace.  The roads are much wider than in the UK, they’re well maintained and easy to navigate – outside of the cities you’ll often have the road all to yourself, apart from the odd lorry here and there.

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Discover the Best Time to Visit Canada

At present, we are only offering trips to Canada during the warmer months of April to October, so you can enjoy the Canadian wilderness in all of its glory with our variety of activities and excursions! During these months, the weather is very similar to the British climate, cool with rain at times, but with hot and dry spells too – so it’s best to pack for all possibilities!

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Local Currency

The National Canadian currency is the Canadian Dollar, abbreviated to $ or CAD, with £1 exchanging for approximately $1.75. Did you know, that one dollar is often nicknamed a ‘loonie’?!

You can find ATMS in most reasonably sized towns to withdraw money, with most shops and restaurants also accepting card payments.

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Tipping and Spending Money

Tips aren’t included in the cost of your trip, and as with the rest of North America, a tip of 10-15% is commonly expected on top of your bill. You can expect food and drink costs to be very similar to the UK.

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Health in Canada

Health care is very good in Canada, with well-equipped hospitals and generally excellent hygiene. No additional vaccinations are required from what would be needed in the UK, however it’s always best to check the NHS Fit For Travel website for the most up-to-date information and also check with your GP if you have any questions or concerns.

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