Your most frequently asked Bhutan travel questions

Now that you have set your heart on visiting the happiest country in the world, we bet you have lots of practical questions about travelling around this little gem. Well, we have put together some questions we regularly get asked by our customers before they go to help you out.

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How will I travel around?

There are no trains or public transport in Bhutan so you will travel around by private car. Your driver and English speaking guide will go out of their way to show you the most beautiful and interesting parts of their country. You can stop for photos or snacks when you need to and the routings are not fixed, so if there is a particular place of interest that you want to see the driver and guide will do their best to incorporate this.

Getting around Bhutan

I'm confused about the tourist fee - do I pay this locally?

The fixed daily tourist tariff set by the Royal Government of Bhutan is included in the price of your trip. This daily tariff price covers accommodation & all meals, transportation for travel within Bhutan, private guide, entrances fees to museums, monuments and cultural sites. This fee is in place to help preserve Bhutan’s traditional culture, and to help ensure that tourism is environmentally and ecologically friendly, socially and culturally acceptable, and also economically viable.

What should I pack?

Bhutan’s changeable climate means you have to bring an assortment of clothes, including rain gear. A layered wardrobe makes the most sense. Good walking shoes or hiking boots are essential even if you are not hiking (Tiger’s Nest!). Because of the altitude, a hat or cap and a good pair of sunglasses are also essential. Warm clothes are recommended for the evening.

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