Your most frequently asked Argentina travel questions

Some of the things you wanted to ask about going to Argentina, and some of the things you hadn’t thought of asking too. We’ve put together a list of some of the questions our Argentina Travel Specialists get asked by our customers to help you.

customer and local hugging

Do I need to be able to speak Spanish?

We always suggest trying to learn a little bit of the local language before you go (everyone likes a trier!) but you’ll get by fine without.  There will be plenty of Argentinians who speak English and can help you out, and a phrase book should get you by in most places like restaurants and bars.

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I'm a vegetarian, will there be anything for me to eat?

Yes. Argentina is a very meat-focused country, but its also pretty modern and there will always be a vegetarian option. Usually the options are pastry based with lots of cheese, they wouldn’t want you getting skinny!

Car driving through the mountains in Salta, Argentina

I'm hiring a car, what side do they drive on?

The right, sorry!  You’ll get used to it pretty quickly though if you concentrate!

Or if you’re nervous about hiring a car in a foreign land, then there are plenty of other ways of getting around.

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What currency should I take with me?

The local currency in Argentina is the Peso, but we do suggest taking some US dollars with you too. You’ll usually get a good exchange rate on these locally, but day to day you’ll need Argentine Pesos.

I'd like to go and watch a football match, is it safe?

Not massively safe, no. You’re unlikely to get attacked but its probably a good idea to leave your passport and expensive camera in the hotel, and just take a little cash for food and drinks.  There are many local operators who offer group trips with a guide, especially in Buenos Aires, and this is definitely the safest way to experience it.

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