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Our Bhutan Travel Specialists are truly passionate about travelling in Bhutan and are on hand to help and inspire you throughout the planning of your holiday. They specialise in creating itineraries that take travellers to the heart of a destination and will listen to your wants and needs along the booking process. With real experience of travelling in Bhutan, they’ll share their own travel stories with you. You’ll also receive 24 hour support from our English speaking local partners in Bhutan during your travels. You can find out more about our Bhutan team below…


There is no other place on Earth like Bhutan, the country of happiness. Local people are quite possibly the friendliest I’ve met – it’s incredible how they are always willing to help each other and anyone who might need a hand. I admire how much respect they have for their culture and traditions and it’s quite unbelievable that beautifully decorated traditional houses and people wearing traditional outfits on a daily basis are not a part of a movie, set but an actual country! My most striking memory of Bhutan was one of the festivals I was lucky to attend and making paper planes with the local kids at the home-stay.

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Travel specialist Jo smiling in front of Tiger's Nest


Last year, I embarked on my first ever trip to the magical kingdom of Bhutan; a place like nowhere I have ever been in Asia before. I explored incredible winding valleys, and hiked to the famous hillside monastery, Tiger’s Nest. My favourite place throughout my whole trip was Punakha because of its crystal clear rivers and incredible Dzong!

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David on a rickshaw


Bhutan is a colourful country full of life and traditions. You will fly in from Nepal on the greatest scenic flight on earth, you will pass the big one, Mount Everest. This is a country that loves its festivals, the people are fun and scenery is incredible. I will never forget this royal kingdom especially the chanting of the monks in there beautiful monasteries.

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