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Be inspired by Italy

sicily coast

The world’s love affair with Italy is long-standing. Beautiful architecture, delicious food and a vibrant culture are all amplified in Italy. From the open-air museum that is Rome to the rolling hills of Tuscany and the rugged coastline of Amalfi, Italy really does have something for everyone – of all ages. Let us show you our top things to love about this passionate country.

Our top things to experience in Italy

History and Culture

History and Italy go hand in hand. Thousands of years of momentous moments which shaped the modern world happened right here. Wander the streets of the capital city Rome and soak in the significance of this place around you, with towering statues, the mighty Colosseum and sprawling Vatican City.

Outside of the capital, evidence of the history this country has created is dotted through small hilltop towns and coastal walled villages. The abandoned streets of Pompeii serve as a reminder of the tragedy endured here, frozen in time, yet at every street corner, every restaurant and cafe, life continues on in Italy full of passion and that famous Italian spirit known the world over.

rome vaticano italy at night
italy Tuscany winding country road

Stunning Scenery

Italy boasts some pretty impressive scenery, from the rolling green hills of Tuscany to the sparkling lakes. Visit hilltop towns entrenched in tradition, laze by a lake on a sunny afternoon and soak up the food and wine in the Tuscan countryside.

Head south for coastal villages gripping to the cliff, take a dip in the clear Mediterranean waters and dine al fresco on the dazzling Amalfi coast.

Food Glorious Food

Where do we start when talking about food in Italy? Synonymous with Italy itself, the food here is world famous and replicated everywhere for a reason. Rich pasta dishes bursting with flavour, crisoy pizza from Naples, fresh burrata and fragrant basil, seafood straight from the boat grilled with garlic and olive oil, and don’t even get us started on the gelato. The list goes on and on!

Food is very much part of the experience in Italy, some may say it is the whole point of visiting. You experience this vibrant country’s culture through their food, lovingly made and passionately received.

italian cold meat platter
Two women perched in front of Mount Etna

Island Life

Dreamy days spent on an Italian island, soaking up the sunshine and sampling local food and wine. Sicily has beautiful beaches, mighty Mount Etna and a laid-back charm. Take a few days to explore, hike, swim and soak up everything island life has to offer.

Best time to visit Italy

Italy can be enjoyed at any time of year, but if you are looking for sunny warm weather we would recommend travelling from Spring-Autumn. Read our guide on the best time to travel to Italy and what to expect whilst you are there.

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