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Best Time to Visit Cuba

Cuba’s climate is tropical all year round but we recommend travelling between December and June, there are always the refreshing trade breezes cooling things down. Have a look at the typical climate and temperatures throughout the months to help you decide when is best to book your trip to Cuba.

Best Time to Visit Cuba
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Visa, Passport and Money Matters

Before you head off on your travels to Cuba it’s a good idea to get clued up on all the essential information you’ll need when it comes to visas, passports and money. We’ve compiled a handy guide to give you a helping hand.

Visa and Passport Information
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Getting Around Cuba

When it comes to getting around Cuba, there are a few options available to you. Meet other travellers in a group transfer or have a private car all to yourself. Want more freedom? Jump in your hire car and discover Cuba your way.

Getting Around Cuba
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Internet & WiFi in Cuba

Things have moved on a bit in Cuba, and you can actually find internet in some hotels which you can buy a token for in shops (these are 1.50 cuc for an hour), hotel reception and some casa particulares. There are WiFi hotspots dotted around Cuba and within most hotels – simply join the WiFi hotspot, enter your temporary login and password from the token and you’ll be online. The internet isn’t super-fast in Cuba, so keep it simple – probably best not to try downloading a film, as it’ll probably take up most of your holiday!

You will quite often find people congregating in parks in Cuba, this is because they have WiFi hotspots available for Cubans, so don’t be surprised to find large groups on their phones in parks.

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Supplies & Shopping in Cuba

While on your adventure in Cuba, you might notice that the standard supplies available in most of the world are… well, they’re not there! Things like toothpaste, sun protection, snacks and general toiletries aren’t easily available. So it’s important to stock up before you get there so you’re not caught out.

Vegan & Vegetarian Food in Cuba

As with a lot of south and central American destinations, being a Vegan or Vegetarian can be challenging. We’ve got some pointers to help you along:

  • Bring vegan spreads, cheese, milk with you, as you won’t be able to find these out there!
  • Bring a cool-bag (to put the above in!) which you can keep in mini-fridges which most casa particulares and hotels will have (and some even have freezer compartments!). This is particularly useful for self-drive trips so you can keep your food cool while you travel or snack on route.
  • Sauces, spreads (marmite a particular favourite!), nuts and crisps are also useful to bring with you as again this kind of thing can be difficult to find.
  • You can use the Happycow app/website to find vegan & vegetarian-friendly restaurants.
  • One of the benefits of staying in a local casa particulares is you can explain to your host what you can’t eat, and they’ll cook up a storm for you!
  • You can also say this if you’re struggling too “Soy vegetariano y no come el leche, la mantaquilla, el queso, la crema y el carne” – which means that you don’t eat milk, butter, cheese, cream or meat – sorted!
  • Buffets are your friend, if you happen to be staying somewhere that has one, you can pick and choose your favourite bits.
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Thinking of Hiring a Car?

If you’re thinking about hiring a car for your trip to Cuba then there’s some things to be prepared for beforehand. The transport infrastucture of Cuba and road systems aren’t as developed as at home so we’ve put together some useful advice to help prepare you for your road trip in Cuba.

Cuba Self Drive Information

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