I love Cuba’s perfect imperfections, as it gives it a very authentic feel. I recommend spending some time in Trinidad to experience some Cuban culture and take advantage of the diversity it is surrounded by, from the Valle de Los Indigenos to Playa Ancon.

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Yes, Cuba is changing, but not as quickly as the international media would have you believe.  Escape the tourist resorts and try the authentic casa’s for a real Cuban experience, the most amazing hospitality and the best food in Cuba is a reason to stay in this style of accommodation.

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In my opinion there is nowhere quite like Cuba! It’s a great mix of culture, countryside and beautiful beaches. Staying in the casas is the way to go when visiting Cuba, even with my limited Spanish, it’s a truly wonderful experience. My tips are to self-drive… you can be on your own schedule and explore many off the beaten track highlights of Cuba.

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I have seen Cuba change during my 4 visits since my first trip in 2006. It is one of those places you have to experience yourself to understand its uniqueness and I cannot recommend it highly enough, it’s truly fascinating and so are the people. My favourite place is Baracoa on the lesser visited east coast, it’s a wild gem if you have enough time. My must-do experience is dancing salsa and drinking fresh mojitos, but our customers always rave about the bici-taxi tour with a local that we offer in Trinidad.

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The climate in Cuba makes it a very pleasant holiday destination at almost any time in the year and a favourite for the Rickshaw team!
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Unique experiences in Cuba’s Casas Particulares

7th October 2014 by Ceri

Being hosted by locals in Cuba's Casas Particulares was one of the (many) highlights of my Cuba trip. It's just like staying in a super friendly B&B!

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