We’re in constant communication with our local partners in Cuba, who are on hand around the clock to support you if you ever need them. In a country where things can go awry more often than you’d expect, that’s quite something . Our kind and friendly local partners will look after you throughout your trip, ensuring you have a wonderful experience visiting this uniquely fascinating country. Get to know our local partners in Cuba…

Our partner for on-the-ground arrangements

Our Cubanacan partners are a small team available 24/7 to give you professional and personal support during your trip. They take care of the on-the-ground arrangements for car rental, hotel bookings (which all have to be done through the Cuban government) and excursions. They’ll also greet you upon your arrival.

Making good things happen

Our Cuba partners share our values and have a focus on sustainable, responsible tourism. They’re serious about tourism laws and comply strictly with the Ministry of Tourism. They pay their staff above the legal minimum, consistently train and support their local staff and guides, and are extremely environmentally conscious, relying on green energy wherever they can.

Our partner for casa arrangements


We use a different local partner to arrange your stay in the casa particulares, the authentic Cuban accommodation which is similar to B&Bs in the UK. Offering warm welcomes, delicious home-cooked meals and fantastic hospitality, this is the single best way to experience the “real” Cuba. Casas also generate employment for local people, as well as lowering the impact tourism has on local culture. Our partner team for casa accommodation was started by born-and-raised Cuban Julio and his wife Anna-Maria. They are passionate about placing Rickshaw customers with only the best hosts leaving you to feel comfortable, safe and excited about your travels.

Casa commitment

Our casa partners care passionately about the promotion of eco-tourism destinations, where you can learn more about the natural flora and fauna, and cultural heritage. They also support local art and culture by working together with artists and dancers and stimulate cultural tourism by organizing workshops and tours to promote the Cuban culture.

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"Cuba is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. With its vintage charm, friendly locals and music on every corner, it is often described as stepping foot into a living museum. It's not hard to fall under Cuba's spell."

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