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Arrival on Gem Island

Day 1

Arrival on Gem Island

As the boat sets off from the mainland you can already make out the shape of Gem Island on the horizon. Just 15 minutes later you’ll step onto the jetty of your tiny island resort. Once you’ve checked in you can begin to soak up the island atmosphere. The rest of the day you can keep yourself entertained with swimming, sunbathing or sitting in your hanging chair with a good book.

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Days 2-3

Gem Island - Kayaking & Free Time

The next couple of days are almost free for you to do as you please. We’ll arrange a kayaking trip and you can paddle off in search of abandoned beaches. There’s a colourful reef beneath the waves, so grab a snorkel and dive off the kayak to swim with the tropical fish. Both islands support turtle conservation and there’s a hatchery right next to your resort. Asides from this, your time is free to spend as you wish.

Departure from Gem Island

Day 4

Departure from Gem Island

Three nights is probably enough on quiet little Gem Island; just enough time to recharge your batteries and fully enjoy this tropical paradise. However, if your Malaysia holiday allows it, you might want to stick around a bit longer. Just let our friendly Malaysia travel specialists know if you’d like to spend a couple of extra days here, perhaps to finish that book.

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