Your most frequently asked Brazil travel questions

So, you’re planning a trip to Brazil, you’ve made a list of where to go and what to do but still have some unanswered questions. To help, we’ve put together a list of our most commonly asked questions and asked our Brazil Travel Specialists to give you their advice.

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Is Brazil safe for tourists?

Brazil has seen vast improvements to keep tourists safe since the 2014 World Cup and have continued to improve with the upcoming Olympics. Like any destination there are areas to avoid, you should follow standard travel advice to keep yourself safe and ask your specialist if you have any doubt. But this is wonderful country that should not be avoided.

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Brazil is so large how do I get around?

For 2-week Brazil itineraries you will most likely need to fly to cover the large distances and there are many routes and great airfares available. However, if you are lucky enough to have the time then buses are a possibility and with a large budget private transfers also.

How far in advance should I plan for the Carnival?

As this is one of the largest festivals in the world this is best to book well in advance (at least 6 months) especially as hotels in Rio will only offer minimum stay periods of at least 4 nights with increased rates. Booking sooner will help you budget for the extra costs at this time of year.

Is Brazil suitable for vegetarians?

Brazil is known for BBQs and plenty of meat, although vegetarians will find no shortage of exotic fruit and vegetables. Seafood is also in abundance. If you have any special dietary requirements just let your Travel Specialist know and they can make sure the food meets your needs.

Is Brazil suitable for young families?

Yes without a doubt! Exploring the Amazon or the Pantanal is a real treat for children and adults alike. With many beach areas offering family activities such as kayaking, snorkelling and surfing you’ll certainly not be bored!

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