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By working closely with our local office in Vietnam, we can ensure that you have a friendly face to greet you on arrival and are in the capable hands of knowledgeable guides and drivers. Our guides and drivers are experts in their areas and will be proud to guide you around their home country, offering hints and tips along the way to ensure that you get that little bit closer to the ‘real’ Vietnam.

Get to know a few of our guides and drivers…

Tran Quoc Cong

Tran Quoc Cong was brought up in Danang and graduated from the University of Hue. He then went on to teach English before becoming a tour guide. He currently lives in Danang with his wife and 2 children and cites visiting the USA as one of his dreams. Here are his thoughts on travelling in Vietnam…

“The best thing about Vietnam is the people. I think that travellers should visit to meet the friendly and smiling people of Vietnam, to see the beautiful country and to taste Vietnamese food. Some traditional favourites are Pho from Hanoi (a herby rice noodle dish), Bun Bo from Hue (a rice vermicelli dish with a prominent lemongrass flavour) and Hu Tieu from Ho Chi Minh City (a popular breakfast noodle soup). If I were to recommend any items to bring, I’d definitely advise on bringing sun cream, sunglasses and a few personal items so you don’t get too homesick.”

tour guide in the cu chi tunnels

Nguyen Duc Long

Let us introduce you to Nguyen Duc Long, who has been working as a driver for the last fifteen years and works hard helping our customers get from a to b. If Nguyen could travel anywhere in the world it would be the USA, but here is what he has to say about travelling in Vietnam…

“I was born in Danang city and have grown up in a beautiful place with many nice beaches and sightseeing opportunities. I like to travel around the country from region to the others, and I feel that the best thing about Vietnam is the culture and daily life of the local people. I think that people should visit Vietnam because of the sightseeing, landscapes, seafood, and the chance to experience local village markets and native products of Vietnam. If I was to recommend a local Vietnamese dish to visitors it would be My Quang (a noodle dish) that you can find served at Cao Lau in Hoi An. I would advise people to pack plenty of sun cream, mosquito repellent and a hat and sunglasses for when the temperatures rise!”

tour guide waving by the river

Trinh Dinh Co Van

Trinh Dinh Co Van had a career change from working at a leather company to a driver in order to follow his passion of travelling. If Trinh could travel anywhere in the world, it would be Europe. Here’s what he has to say about his experience living in Vietnam..

“I like my job very much. I’m from Hanoi and have grown and studied in the capital all my life. I think the landscape of Vietnam is the best thing about the country – Vietnam is beautiful with a long coast, blue sea and white sand. We have famous heritage sights such as Halong Bay, Phong Nha and Ke Bang National parks that people can visit. Nem (a Vietnamese sausage) and Cha ca Thang long (turmeric fish with dill) are some traditional dishes I can recommend as they contain all flavours of the nation.

tour guide enjoying a drink with customer

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