Protecting Local Communities

It’s not just postcard-perfect views that make Canada so inviting, its the people too. We’re firm believers in offering enriching experiences that are mutually beneficial; for travellers and local communities alike. Afterall, what would Canada be without the people that belong there?

No one wants to make a cringe-worthy tourist faux pas, right? So before you head off, you’ll probably want to get stuck into a bit of history and find out how you can travel in a respectful and responsible way…

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Supporting local communities

We know just how important it is to support local communities while we travel, so we always aim to work with small-scale, locally-run accommodation, and local guides too. If you want to do more to ensure that your pennies go back into local pockets, we recommend dining at family-run restaurants and cafes, and buying local, seasonal produce for those wilderness picnics and campfires! What might seem like a small gesture to you – like buying a locally-brewed craft ale – can make a big difference to the individual.

Totem Poles in Vancouver

The First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities

Canada is home to a host of indigenous populations, often referred to as Aboriginal Canadians. Many people also use the term ‘First Nations,’ which describes a collection of diverse cultures; each nation practicing its own customs, beliefs, and views. (though it’s worth remembering that the First Nations doesn’t include the Inuit or the Métis).

Understanding local customs and traditions

For the First Nations, Inuit and Métis people of Canada, there is no all-encompassing “indigenous religion.” In fact, cultural practices, spiritual beliefs, and even creation stories vary from nation to nation. What’s more, traditional practices, such as hunting, are often linked with spiritualism and religious beliefs; holding significant meaning to many communities.

Colourful totem poles in front of trees

Threats to culture and communities

The Aboriginal communities of Canada have fought for centuries to protect their ancestral lands and culture. Sadly, many are facing a greater threat to their homes and livelihoods, as a result of climate change and its impact on the environment and the natural resources they depend upon.

Our advice is to always keep an open mind while travelling in Canada, remaining sensitive to the issues around you, and aware of your own consumption of natural and man-made resources.

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