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Customer on ferry in Quadra

Day 1

Arrival on Quadra Island

Today, you’ll travel to Campbell River, where you’ll take a short ferry ride over to Quadra Island. Quadra is a charming island, with a nature reserve just waiting to be explored. If you’re active, then there’s plenty on offer for you! Walk along the coast or through the woods, and enjoy the countryside. Quadra is also known for its rocks, islands and sea animals, so head out and delve into the great wilderness.

Group of Kayaks in Quadra Island

Day 2

Sea Kayaking

Spend the day exploring the nature reserve before embarking on a special excursion this evening; sea kayaking at sunset. You’ll get a beginners lesson in kayaking and just before sunset set sail (under supervision) to small rock islands. This is a great spot for observing sea lions, as they’re often here lying on their backs, enjoying the last rays of sun.

Grizzly Bear at Telepgraph Cove

Optional day trip

Grizzly Bear Spotting at Campbell River

If you want to do a spot of Bear watching on your way to or from Quadra Island then we can organise a day trip in Campbell River. You’ll board a comfortable vessel and journey down the Orford River for an exciting full day adventure of Grizzly Bear spotting. The Orford River offers some of the best spots to see these majestic creatures so don’t forget your camera!

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£488 - per person

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Beach in Quadra Island

Day 3

Departure from Quadra Island

Today, you’ll be leaving Quadra Island, and you can head off to explore more of Vancouver Island – kayaking with Orcas anyone? You can also take the ferry back to the mainland and continue onto Whistler. Here you can walk through meadows and enjoy the snow-capped peaks.

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People Kayaking with Whales in Port Mcniell

Kayaking with Orcas

Duration 5 days / 4 nights

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Joe in Canada

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"Nothing beats the freedom of the open road, and Canada offers just that! My absolute highlights were spotting bears up close and opening my curtain to the most amazing views each morning. Those moments will stay with me forever!"

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