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Go wild, or go home

Firstly, there really is no better way to experience Canada’s wildlife than, er… in the wild. Whether you’re watching a pod of orcas zipping between the waves off Vancouver Island, spying a grizzly stalking its lunch upstream, coming face-to-beak with a bald eagle or driving past the occasional grazing moose, nothing beats the exhilaration of experiencing animals doing their own thing, and on their own turf.

Whale breaching in water near whale watchers in a zodiac boat

Keep your distance

When viewing animals in their natural habitat, it’s really important to keep a healthy distance; not only for your own safety but also to avoid stopping the animals from exhibiting their natural behaviour. Luckily, when you’re wildlife-watching with the experts (like our knowledgeable guides), they’ll know all the best advice and nifty spots, so you can experience the thrill of wildlife-watching, respectfully and safely.

Whale in Vancouver Island

Say ’no’ to marine captivity

Sadly (and a little ironically), Canada is still home to captive cetaceans (like whales and dolphins), despite many of the same species living free, in the wild. We strongly advise against visiting marine parks and dolphinarias anywhere in the world. If you want to support marine life in Canada, remember to always keep your experience wild, and encourage other travellers to do the same. Want to find out more? Our friends at the World Cetacean Alliance are experts in marine conservation.

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Be our eyes and ears!

We work really closely with our local partners on the ground in Canada, to ensure that our wildlife trips run as smoothly, respectfully and safely as possible. If you spot anything that you’re worried about during your Rickshaw holiday, we want to know about it. Simply get in touch with your travel specialist, with as many details (including photos) as possible, and we’ll investigate.

Our Top Trips & Itineraries for Wildlife Watching Experiences

Whale in the sea at Telegraph Cove

Featured trip

Untouched Orca Bay

Duration:3 days / 2 nights
Location:Telegraph Cove / Port McNeill
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People Kayaking with Whales in Port Mcniell

Featured trip

Kayaking with Orcas

Duration:5 days / 4 nights
Location:Orca Base Camp, Port McNeill
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Whale Tail in Victoria

Featured trip

Whale Tails in Victoria

Duration:3 days / 2 nights
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Black Bear in Tofino

Featured trip

The Bear Necessities

Duration:4 days / 3 nights (flexible)
Location:Tofino / Ucluelet
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black bear in canada

Featured itinerary

Canada in a Nutshell

Duration:11 days / 10 nights
Itinerary:Vancouver - Victoria - Tofino - Quadra Island - Vancouver
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customers on whale watching trip victoria canada

Featured itinerary

A Taste of West Canada

Duration:16 days / 15 nights
Itinerary:Vancouver - Victoria - Tofino - Whistler - Wells Gray - Jasper - Banff
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