Getting to Myanmar

When travelling to Myanmar you will always have to fly via another Asian or Middle Eastern hub as there are no direct flights from the UK. We can combine your connecting flights to Myanmar with your international flights and land arrangements for a hassle-free travel experience.

On the ground airplane with sun setting in the background

Travelling by Plane

When entering Myanmar by air, you’ll land in either Yangon or Mandalay. Yangon is often the cheapest and the majority of leading airlines to fly here. E-Visas are accepted at both international airports. There are currently no direct flight options, so you’ll need to connect in one of the major Asian or Middle Eastern hubs and there are plenty of options. The most popular by far is via Bangkok (Thai Airways), but you can also go via Dubai (Emirates), Doha (Qatar Airways), Saigon or Hanoi (Vietnam Airlines), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysian Airlines) or Singapore (Singapore Airlines). These airlines all have direct flights from London to their hub, with a short connecting flight on to Myanmar. You could even extend your holiday with a short stop over in one of these cities.

Local Burmese people dressed in red robes in Bagan, Myanmar

Travelling to Myanmar Overland

Entering Myanmar overland is far more difficult than by air. E-visas are not accepted at land crossings and you must obtain your visa in advance. At present, it is only possible to travel overland between Myanmar and Thailand. Unless you have a very specific reason to enter Myanmar by land, we would strongly advise you to avoid the hassle and time this would take and travel by plane.

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