Meet our local partner in Myanmar

Because we work closely with our local partners in Myanmar, you’ll have a friendly face to greet you when you arrive, plus lots of support from their friendly and knowledgeable staff while you’re away. They’ll guide you through all there is to know about Myanmar and will be available 24/7 for any questions or queries that you may have. Find out more about our local partners in Myanmar below.

Who are they?

Our local partners in Myanmar are a team of 24 people who all have lived in the local community for years – meaning everyone there has a healthy dose of local knowledge. They want people to experience the genuine side of Myanmar and work hard to get tourists to engage with locals and leave nothing but a positive impact for them.

Making good things happen together

Our local partners share our passion for responsible travel and are committed to growing their business in a sustainable way. They want to maximise the positive effects of tourism on both individuals and local communities, while minimising negative social, environmental and economic impacts.

They work with projects that support both people and the planet. Whether it’s helping disadvantaged sections of society and improving living conditions, or combatting the threats to natural resources and supporting conservation projects..

When to visit Myanmar
As with most of South East Asia, Myanmar can be visited year-round but there are spikes according to season and region, so here is a handy guide for you.
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Top tips

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