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I’m really passionate about animals, and love seeing wildlife in their natural habitats. I volunteer for a local Wildlife Trust, and help out once a month on their on-going conservation projects which I thoroughly enjoy! One of my favourite countries by far is South Africa, as it’s such a beautiful and diverse country. When I travel to South Africa I enjoy visiting various marine and wildlife conservation projects that help protect endangered species. I think it’s really interesting and rewarding to learn about how safaris and anti-poaching organisations are helping to protect these fascinating animals.

Meeting new people

I enjoy meeting new people wherever I go, but especially when I travel abroad! I really enjoy meeting crazy characters, swapping travelling stories, learning useful tips & travelling suggestions and making life-long friends from it. From meeting new people on my travels, I have found friends from many corners of the world, which I think is really special.

girl on horse in Vinales, Cuba

Experiencing local culture

I am a big believer in immersing yourself into the local culture of where you travel to. Wearing what the locals wear, eating what the locals eat, staying in authentic & locally run accommodation and experiencing what that destination has to offer by booking your trips through a company who believes in responsible travel.

Top tips

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31st July 2015 by Zoe

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