I travel for...

woman inside polar bear trap


You can learn so much about a culture through their food. Some of my favourite travel memories have something to do with food. I will never forget making dumplings with a Chinese grandmother who kept telling me I was getting it wrong by hitting my hand with her chopsticks!

woman standing on a beach at sunset


I always thought of myself as a cultural traveller until I went to Canada, where every bend in the road was a wow moment driving through the Rocky Mountains. The sheer vastness of the wilderness was awe-inspiring. It is always worth spending part of any trip getting out of the busy towns and cities and getting into the countryside, whether by hiking or just taking a detour on a self-drive trip to a stunning viewpoint.

woman on beach


The expression, ‘travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer’ may be a cliché but it’s one for a reason! The people you meet, the cultures you learn about and just stepping out of your comfort zone all make memories that last a lifetime.

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