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Admittedly I am a beach junkie and love swimming in the sea. Travelling is a great way to explore quiet little bays, and there is no better feeling than tumbling around in big waves.  Often the best beaches are off the beaten track so that is where my sense of adventure kicks in as I take myself down roads that start off paved and then surprise…. a dirt track!

Surf Culture

With my continued dream of one day being a pro surfer, I love to travel to surf destinations, although my skill lets me down my passion for the surf culture never lessens. My recent trip to the surfing haven Hawaii (watch this space for a new destination coming soon!) and planned trip to Indonesia have enabled me to immerse myself in this chilled karma, where the ocean is king and where it is ok to walk around with the natural look of un-brushed hair and no make-up! Although Brighton does a good job of rivaling this, it is missing the key ingredients of sand and sun!

Wanting to make a difference

As a volunteer teacher of Responsible Tourism in a local college, I love sharing with the students how even traditional destinations can be visited responsibly, just by eating in a locally owned restaurant, buying local produce from a farmers market or even just by taking a whale watching cruise with a research organisation rather than a commercial enterprise at the hotel. And don’t even get me started on staying at small hotels that generate their own power with solar panels and wind farms! This definitely adds meaning to any of my personal travel experiences as you feel closer to the people and the destination.

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