I travel for...

Street musicians playing live music in the streets of Santiago in Cuba

Music & Culture

Once the plane is booked, it’s not long before I’m researching music-related spots. Traditions and festivals, cultural happenings and performances, and importantly, record shops and vinyl-hiding emporiums… In the hope that I might get close enough to be able to pop in for just 5 mins, honest. It’s an integral part of any trip for me, with some favourite vinyl-laden racks visited in Buena Aires, Nagoya, Johannesburg, and an honorary mention of the small but intriguing CD stall in Thimpu, Bhutan!

Fresh Experiences

As the plane lands, the sudden rush of those first hours in a new place. Making way to your first bed and beginning the exploration, absorbing the reality of life beyond home holds endless interest, and the excitement of travel-to-be remains as addictive and inspiring as ever.

Catching Moments

Before the plane leaves, capturing the atmosphere. A keen photographer since my teens and never more so than during periods of travel, a trick of the unfamiliar light fills cards and films at speed, and if the cameras are capped, then field recordings of serendipitous sounds up mountains, under bridges, around vehicles, in villages or outer cities. A device of some sort is always to hand.

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