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I am a big fan of Asian food (Thai, Japanese and Indian being my top 3), and I would say that some of my best travel experiences have also been in countries where I have really enjoyed the food. India is by far one of the best destinations for food tourism, the street food is amazing and so cheap! Thailand will always be high up on my list as the Thai green curry is my all-time favourite dish, I could literally eat it every day. However, more recently I have been to South Africa and the cuisine there is great, the fresh BBQs will get your tastebuds going. And in Peru which is another place I have recently been, they have some amazing seafood, beautifully seasoned, and you must try the cerviche – it’s delicious! Also, wherever I travel I always try and find a cooking class so I can try and recreate some of these amazing dishes at home!

Woman standing in front of elephants in South Africa

Wildlife and Safaris

I love animals, and I love seeing native animals whilst on my travels. Whilst I was in China, I was lucky enough to visit the Chengdu Panda Research centre, and got the chance to see some of these endangered animals. In Peru I visited the Islas Ballestas and saw baby and adult seals, there were seals as far as the eye could see! I also visited the Amazon, and got to see parrots and the famous caiman. My favourite wildlife travel experience was my safari trip to South Africa. Here I got to see African elephants, lions, giraffes, cheetahs, zebras and several members of the cat family. I also got to see penguins on Boulders Beach, just outside Cape Town, it’s definitely worth a visit.


Who doesn’t like the beach? I personally love lazing around on a beach topping up my tan and having a dip in the sea. I don’t only visit countries which have stunning beaches, although it is the first place I will get drawn to if there is a beautiful beach to be seen!

If you like beaches that are a little rugged, then Goa and Kerala in India are perfect. They have a hippy vibe and are quite chilled out. For picture perfect beaches, I love the beaches of Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia – the Perhentians in Malaysia, and the Gilis in Indonesia being my favourites. For beaches that are nice, but not too busy then head for Cambodia and Vietnam – you don’t have to share the beach with too many people here! And for a beach closer to home, then you can head to Agadir, only 3 hours away and with 300 days of sunshine a year!

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