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Who doesn’t love food? In my opinion, you can’t beat a good Asian dish. I’m a big fan of anything with noodles or rice. Thai, Chinese or Japanese? I’ll be the first to give it a try! There’s nothing better than going to a country and trying the traditional dishes in restaurants or the local street food. I once did a street food tour in Italy and… wow, I never knew a fried rice ball could taste so good!

woman in sea with peace sign


Living and growing up in Brighton has increased my love for beaches. Everyone needs to unwind at times, and what’s better than doing so on a sandy beach, in the sun, looking out at the deep blue ocean? For me, spending the last few days of a holiday at the beach, relaxing is the best way to end any adventure!

Two capybaras beside a lake in the north pantanal in Brazil


Growing up with lots of pets, such as chickens, cats, rabbits, dogs and tortoises, meant that I’ve always had a big heart for animals. My dream would be to go on an African safari and watch lions, tigers, giraffes and elephants wander around in their natural habitat. The thought of it itself excites me! One thing I love most about Rickshaw is how hard they work to make sure that all animal trips sold are ethical and responsible, going to trusted sanctuaries instead of zoos and seeing all sorts of wildlife in their natural habitats.

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