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They say travelling is the only happiness you can buy, and I couldn’t agree more! It really opens your mind and heart and the wonderful memories you have of eating mangoes with the Cuban family in their garden, dancing away at a street party in Rio or making momos for dinner in Nepal will stay with you forever. I’ve been lucky enough to travel around India, my favourite place on Earth, visit the kingdom of happiness, Bhutan, and discover South America (so Asia will have a little break from me finally). I love planning a complex trip (for myself, my friends or my wonderful customers), whether it’s island-hopping in Indonesia, an extensive trip around India or an exciting country combination.

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Local Experiences

For me it’s all about being like a local and doing what they do. From local transport, to secret concerts with no other foreigners in sight, eating traditional food and staying at hotels with plenty of local flair. It won’t be a holiday otherwise!


I love authentic local food and won’t fall for any westernised dishes until I am back from my exotic destination. Even better when it’s regional so I can taste all the flavours of the country when I am travelling around. Street food stalls, home-cooked humble meals and occasional fancy restaurants are all up my street, and I’m happy to walk endless miles looking for that particular tiny eatery where locals go, and where you have no clue of what’s on the menu!

Railay Bay sunset in Thailand


Photography is one of my passions and I am an absolute sucker for a great view (and a pretty picture). Colourful cities, endless beaches hugged by the emerald oceans, snow-capped mountains and of course a dramatic sunset is what makes me content, excited and relaxed all at the same time!

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