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Whether it be fellow travellers you meet on a bus or an old Balinese woman who grabs you off the street and makes you share a coffee with her in awkward silence (yep that happened!), people can make a trip memorable.  Whether there’s a language barrier or not, I always find its worth the effort to try to get to know the locals… you’ll usually come away with a story!

man eating octopus in Asia


My belly tends to control my thinking a lot of the time, so one of the great joys of travelling to new places is getting to try new cuisines. I’m not a fussy eater and my golden rule to go by is to eat what the locals are having, it’s sometimes weird and wonderful but occasionally you’ll try something that’ll blow your mind.  The huge banquet I had in Beijing and the Asado cooked for me by an Argentinian I’d befriended will never be forgotten.

Amazing sights

Travelling occasionally gives you little moments; watching the sunrise over a volcano, standing on a seemingly endless mirror in the Bolivian salt flats, looking down on Machu Picchu. All these experiences made me take a step back and feel pretty lucky.


Cuba's new President | Cuba's new dawn?

6th June 2018 by Paul

Miguel Diaz-Canal recently became the new President of Cuba – the first non-Castro to hold the position since 1959. But what does it actually mean for Cuba?

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Top tips

Cuba - What You Need to Know in Changing Times

1st March 2017 by Paul

With Fidel Castro passing and a new U.S. President, it’s certainly a sign of changing times for Cuba. You might be asking yourself, did I miss my chance?

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