local washing in the river in borneo

Why Meaningful Travel Matters to me

I believe that travelling responsibly does broaden your mind and gives you a fantastic chance to understand other cultures so much better. I know it has helped me become a better, more tolerant person. Supporting local communities and charity projects, staying at locally run guesthouses, learning from the local people, and taking care of the environment, is all part of the journey and I am happy to know there are so many people on board.

river kwai accommodation

My most Meaningful Travel moment

There have been plenty throughout my life. When I was at school we used to go camping every summer, first with parents and later with friends. We would live in tents on a river, cook our meals on an open fire, and watch out for a shooting star at night. I grew up being taught you have to leave the place exactly the same as it was before you’ve arrived and I try to still follow this rule no matter where I go. One of my recent meaningful experiences was during my trip to Thailand when I stayed at a river raft hotel. It was one of the most sustainable places I’ve been to – built from bamboo in a traditional way, with no electricity whatsoever, all food was locally sourced, and what’s most important – providing jobs to the locals.

My day job at Rickshaw

As well as being part of the Meaningful Travel team, I’m also a full time Travel Specialist.

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