Why Meaningful Travel matters to me

I think it’s important to remember the reason why we travel to different places around the world, and to respect the countries and cultures we visit in order to preserve them for the future. How would we feel if people visited our homes and communities and were disrespectful to us? I have met many people from all different walks of life and to know we are giving back to them is great. I love that fact that we support many local projects and actively encourage our ramblers to visit where possible.

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My most Meaningful Travel moment

I feel so fortunate to have experienced so much during my travels, but something which really stood our for me was working with villagers in Zambia. I spent half a day when I was on holiday working with them at their markets. We couldn’t really understand each other but we were all great friends by the end of it!

My day job at Rickshaw

As well as being part of the Meaningful Travel team, I’m also a full time Travel Specialist.

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Top Tips

A Guide to Moroccan Riads

23rd October 2014 by Emma

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Meaningful Travel

Join us on our Meaningful Travel journey...

22nd July 2015 by Jennifer

What does Meaningful Travel mean to us? And why does the phrase pop up all over our website? Well let us explain... pack your bags and join us for the journey.

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