customers enjoying meal at local market

Why Meaningful Travel matters to me

Whether it is experiencing cultures in a more authentic way or recycling rubbish in the office, it all helps us to understand better, be aware of our actions and appreciate the places we spend time in, at home or abroad. Around the office I keep on top of our recycling, making sure everyone at Rickshaw knows the importance of getting rid of our waste in the right way!

My most Meaningful Travel moments

Taking the sleeper train from Beijing to Xi’an really gave me an insight into Chinese culture, trying to communicate with the locals with no common language and sharing snacks along the way. Wherever I go I love learning about people’s lives and cultures; chatting to local guides, showing them photos from home and comparing our lifestyles is always fascinating and feels like a two-way exchange where they learn something about life in the UK too.

My day job at Rickshaw

As well as being part of the Meaningful Travel team, I’m also a full time Product Manager.

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