I travel for...

Seeing amazing landscapes

There are places around the world where you can simply sit in silence and feel in awe of Earth. Whether it’s the thunderous waterfalls of Iguazu in Brazil/Argentina, hiking volcanoes far above the clouds in Nicaragua, or gazing at the infinite white stretches of the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia, I love to be surrounded by larger-than-life landscapes.

Getting face-to-face with wildlife

I fondly remember hiking the cloud forests of Costa Rica and finding myself mere metres away from wild sloths and coati bears. In Borneo I was lucky to see proboscis monkeys and all sorts of tropical birds on a jungle river tour. I love to scuba dive as well, and my favourite underwater moments include exploring WW2 wrecks off Bali, meeting thresher sharks in the Philippines, and seeing bio-luminescent plankton sparkle around me like magical pixie dust on a night dive in Koh Tao, Thailand.

Unique cultural experiences

I will jump at any chance to get a glimpse of what life is like in other countries. This is really fun to do in Cuba, where I stayed only in Casa Particulares (the government-sanctioned family-run guesthouses) which meant I got in touch with a lot of interesting locals. In a small town in Laos me and a friend got invited to a traditional family wedding… it took place at a disused airfield in the jungle in tents decorated with flowers, and we ended up dancing in a big circle with all the locals and paying our respects to the bride and groom.

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