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Eating food outside a Norwegian cabin


I absolutely LOVE food and have no problems with trying new things. From sampling authentic Vietnamese Pho whilst sitting on tiny plastic seats on the bustling streets of Hanoi, to perching outside a picturesque wooden cabin in Norway munching on some rømmegrøt, I am your girl for new cuisines. I think it’s so important to fully immerse yourself in the country you are in, and with food being such a massive part of cultural identity, you’d be crazy not to get involved and sample the culinary delights your destination has to offer!

Halong Bay beach in Vietnam


Aaaaah views. Nothing beats that view that leaves you speechless and keeps you from tearing your eyes away. Whether it’s appreciating the world from a bird’s eye view up high, marvelling at an undulating landscape or simply sitting on a tranquil beach enjoying the views of the horizon, being able to experience scenery that differs to your norm is one of the most incredible things about travelling. A particular stand-out moment of mine was getting my first glimpse of the Grand Canyon – a sight so immense that I couldn’t believe I was seeing it with my own eyes!

Vietnamese people in Halong Bay on boats


Wherever you go, there are genuine, friendly people with a wealth of knowledge about their culture and unforgettable stories to tell. I always try to learn a few basic phrases in the given language and use them as much as possible – even if I get it completely wrong it’s a good laugh and shows that you’ve made an effort! I love hearing about life from a different perspective and gaining an insight into how their days differ to my own. And they’re often the best people to ask for handy tips and tricks about the place you’re in!

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