I travel for


Memories are my most valued possession, and I know for sure that I wouldn’t trade mine for anything else in the world. Being in an exotic country and eating a sandwich  is not my thing – eating something crazy, on the other hand, is totally acceptable. Trying to explain yourself using a phrase book is a real challenge, but is a part of the whole journey (and will definitely make a good story to tell at home). Tuk-tuks, rickshaws, and long-tail boats are the best taxi substitutes for me, and if there’s anything I can do the local way to create memorable moments – I’m more than likely to get stuck in!

Exploring new places

I like the feeling of an upcoming adventure, feeling curious, excited and a little bit uncertain about what’s ahead. I love the sense of novelty and at the same time some kind of familiarity as if you didn’t need that map in your hands and you kind of know where the road will lead you. I’m happy to walk endless miles looking for that particular tiny eatery where locals go and where you have no clue of what’s on the menu,  the amazing view that strikes you as soon as you turn around the corner, or for a beautiful hidden empty beach nobody knows of

Railay Bay sunset in Thailand


This is my favourite time of the day. Beautiful colours, romance, magic and a little bit of mystery. It doesn’t matter where I am – on a tropical beach, up in the mountains or on the  riverside, a sunset always makes me stop for a little while, relax and watch (or run for my camera!). It’s amazing how the sun is still the same, but sunsets look completely different around the world. I am yet to capture the perfect one, but so far the most dramatic skies I’ve seen were definitely over the Indian ocean in Kerala.

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