I travel for...

Real-life stories

What I love most about talking to travellers that just returned from their first big travel adventure, is that, without exception, their story goes along the lines of: “It was incredible! You will never believe what happened to me in…”. And what comes next is always some amazing story of unique people they met, random situations they found themselves in, kindness they never expected, hidden gems they came across whilst exploring a new place and personal challenges they overcome when being thrown out of their comfort zone. Experiences they would not ever have expected before leaving their homes. I like to call it the Alice-in-Wonderland effect and it’s what has been feeding my travel bug ever since.

Feeding my creativity

When travelling I am always looking to experience as many new things as possible. Whether it’s new food, traditional dances, going surfing, meditation, hula hoop, multiple-day hikes, unique instruments, archery, throat singing, languages, etc. I also love to take my camera for a little stroll through the streets to try and capture the everyday life. However, there is nothing better than experiencing a place by chatting with that old lady sitting on a park bench, having some youngsters try out their English on their way home from school or playing peek a boo with a kid looking at you while waiting in line at the local supermarket – these experiences feed my creativity far beyond my return home.

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