I travel for...

The journey

For me, it’s not all about reaching a destination. The journey to get there can itself be just as memorable. In particular, I love travelling overland, such as the 3-day train from Sydney to Perth in Australia where I traversed the inhospitable Nullarbor Plain. I have also travelled by train across Thailand, witnessing a really diverse change in the landscape and climate as well as getting to know some of the locals on the way. In Borneo, my whole trip was about the journey; using nothing more than our feet to climb up the incredible Mount Kinabalu, before cycling and then using our own handmade rafts to get to the coast at Sandakan – an unforgettable experience!


Maps are obviously very useful, but sometimes there is nothing I love more than just getting lost! Taking the next left or right turn and seeing where it takes you can be a great way of discovering that wonderful view, those incredible smells or that gem of a bar. Away from the hustle and bustle of routine, what better way to relax than just seeing where your feet take you!? Where I can, I also love to do a city tour when I first arrive somewhere, I find this really helps to get my bearings, can be a great way to get tips from locals, meet fellow travellers and get a glimpse of places to go back to…

The food

There is a very little food I dislike. I can give or take the fried scorpions on Khao San Road in Bangkok, but other than that I think food can be a great journey in itself and a fantastic insight into the traditions and way of life destinations. Some of my favourite foods are the aromatic curries of Sri Lanka, the alpaca stir-fry of Peru and the delicious curry soup Khao Soi of Northern Thailand. I also love doing cookery courses where I can, so I can try and recreate these amazing dishes when I am back home!

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